Take your relationship with food and your body to a new level by being purposeful, intentional and mindful. In workshop, we will start to redefine the connection with your relationship to food and your body, enhance your energy and improve your health. As we unwind the limits and the stories you, will experience growth in your relationships with yourself and your health leading you to new habits that fit your lifestyle. Discover the best you! This workshop is for those 18+ years of age, male and female. I book for groups of 15-40 people. This is a two hour workshop.


I had the pleasure of participating in this workshop about relationships being taught by Colie , and it was beyond anything I thought it would be. My interactions before taking this workshop with Colie had been very brief, but it was during this workshop I learned how big of a heart she possesses. There's such a genuine nature about her and the way she speaks to you. It makes you feel like you're being bathed in sunlight just the way the words fill you up, and make you feel unbreakable. My relationship is so much stronger because of the tools and methods of connection she taught me, and I'm so thankful to know that I have someone like her in my life. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone and everyone in my life!
-William Blackwell