Colie Wasmund

As an active kid, Colie grew up participating in gymnastics, swimming, playing volleyball, and running in track and field. Being part of a sports team taught her many things; mainly how to play team,develop her individual strengths, build her determination and motivation to reach her goals, learn how to fuel her body with proper nutrition, create training plans to be the best in her field, and to be coachable. She has had many coaches over the years supporting her training so that her mind and body is in alignment to reach peak performance.

Colie enjoys activities that push the limits and require dedication and commitment. Each time she tries something new and comes up against challenges and mental blocks, she learns to push past those things and stays committed to her goal. Connecting that these blocks are not just part of the activity she is doing, but part of what sometimes holds her back in other areas of her life, she has gained a greater understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection.

In 2015, Colie attended a workshop that focused on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. Through the course of the training she has learned to use all of the things she learned from her previous experiences, unwind the stories from her past, create the life of her dreams while getting out of her comfort zone, and play a bigger game. In this training, she was challenged and confronted until it was clear that there was more for her. She became part of the coaching program and learned how to facilitate workshops, do public speaking, and discovered her passion when supporting others to find and manifest their deepest desires in life.

Colie also is the owner of RIK RAK Studio, has over 10 years in the haircare industry, and has a genuine interest in creating beauty and confidence for her guests, by working with their own unique style.

In coaching, Colie has established trust, accountability, action plans, results and so much more for her clients. Each program is specific to an individual’s needs and teaches a lifestyle, not just a quick fix. By building on discovering what works versus what does not work, the client is able to increase their perception of themselves to achieve at their highest potential with increased energy and improvement to their health.


It was a great experience, because I was introduced to a new way to work out.  I was stuck in the rut of just running to prepare for my first marathon. The Summit Stair Climb Challenge got me on the Stairmaster and has helped my legs get stronger; and of course made my butt look amazing. It was nice to hear people respond, which gave me the encouragement I needed to go out there and do something to be active. Overall, a great experience.